eMalhar.com opens marketplace with unique shops for artisans, artists, artisans, farmers, disabled and women entrepreneurs.

eMalhar.com opens marketplace with unique shops for artisans, artists, artisans, farmers, disabled and women entrepreneurs.

eMalhar.com is a social enterprise providing marketplace for artists, artisans, farmers, disabled and women entrepreneurs, where they can setup their stores and sell products online. It is a free service for qualified sellers. There are online stores and online marketplaces offering shops for small businesses. But what sets apart this newest entrant in the online marketplace is that it is a social enterprise, a fair trade marketplace that offers its services FREE for artisans, artists, artisans, farmers, disabled and women entrepreneurs.

According to the founders of eMalhar.com, this is a first step of a long journey they are envisioning to empower the small scale entrepreneurs sector in India in the world of e-commerce. “We rely on our ambassadors and mentors to identify our sellers and onboard them. We think with the help of the ambassadors and mentors, we can make it a valuable platform to showcase and sell our handcrafted products which represent our cultural diversity and heritage and support our artisans.”

eMalhar.com provides Quality Products, directly from the Producers

What eMalhar.com does is eliminate middlemen so that you buy direct from the source; a win-win situation where the creators get a fair price for their works of art and the customer is not forced to pay middlemen through hidden fees couched in fancy jargon!

With its upcoming launch, eMalhar.com is all set to change the e-commerce landscape in India for handicrafts by diminishing the digital divide that has become difficult to span for artists far removed from the ease and efficiency of online marketing. The current market scenario does not work to the advantage of rural artists and small entrepreneurs and to most of them, online selling is nothing but an inaccessible concept. They will be guided through the process in the early stages so that they can soon start selling online with confidence.

eMalhar.com.com provides eShops to showcase products at no cost whatsoever. It is a user friendly plug-and-play offering in the virtual world. All that the seller needs to do is set up a store in a few quick steps, upload images of their products, set their own prices, draw up responsible shipping, payment and return policies, and they are good to go. eMalhar.com will emphasize on cataloguing sellers based on their art or craft category to make for a user friendly site. By staying away from mass produced, stencil perfect products, this site will have exclusive offerings for customers looking for that one of a kind creation.

Social Enterprise

eMalhar.com is formed as a social enterprise which is driven by Ambassadors and Mentors. Ambassadors and Mentors guide the organization and help them in building a sustainable business model which emphasises on engaging in ethical review of the goods and services the seller’s produce and sells; its social purposes and social impact. Being a social enterprise, eMalhar.com is founded on a strong sustainable business model while not deviating from its foundational activity to provide a free digital platform for artists, artisans, farmers, disabled and women entrepreneurs. eMalhar.com is planning to sustain its operations through CSR programs from corporations and crowdfunding.

Currently eMalhar.com is working with many women entrepreneurs, artisans and co-op societies to support setting up their stores. According to a mentor, eMalhar.com.com is taking a very pragmatic and humble approach to how we scale, we want to be sustainable and produce results for our sellers and provide better quality products to our buyers. India’s artisans and small business sectors are so unorganized. In order to serve our customers well, we need to look at everything from the selection of raw material to delivery of the products. We don’t think we can get our hands everywhere, that’s where we see the value in partnering with key players from different areas of the sector. We invite any organizations with a mission similar to ours or need help in marketing their products online to join hands with us.

eMalhar.com wants to build their niche by being transparent and delivering their mission of serving buyers with the high quality, fair-priced products which are blood and tears free. With the values that we stand for and the products we are delivering and the personalized support we provide through our sellers who stand behind what they deliver, we are certain that we can sustain and live for a good cause. We count on every buyers to understand this and bring our venture and slimier social ventures to a successful sustainable model.

eMalhar.com.com plans to market its products/sellers through high visibility on social media, online and offline campaigns.

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